When I Ride…

Sorry boy, where I’m going, you can’t come.

Where you going, Mom?

I won’t be taking, “you know who” to Colorado. I know…why not? I’ll be working on a ranch, for gosh sakes! But he is still a pup in his brain and if something moves fast or suddenly, that working dog blood tells him to go after it. My horses are used to it and just roll their eyeballs or cock a hoof at him. I’m gonna miss him but I don’t want to have any extra responsibilities where I’m going.

His job is to keep the armadillo out of the yard! Anywhere I put a water sprinkler to help the grass hold on till those first Fall rains…that varmint is digging holes and it looks like a landmine field out there!

where you guys been?

Here they come!

So I’m taking him with me everywhere. To gather horses…to take them back. He loves riding in the truck. All of the ranch geldings have new shoes, they are all covered in fly spray, burrs out of their manes and tails, all cuts covered in ointment. Everyone is set for me to leave for a month, except me.

How do people know they are stepping off into the right direction? A leap of faith? A strong desire doesn’t mean it’s right.

This feeling is hard to describe. It feels right, it feels calm, it feels joyful, it feels warm, it feels sacred.

As I walk along with my precious dog friend by my side, I look up and express gratitude for a chance to take a baby step toward my dream of helping people with horses.

This vision is recognizable by the feeling that it has with it.

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9 thoughts on “Sorry boy, where I’m going, you can’t come.

  1. I’m with ya….I know and understand…not sure but I bet you will have someone either live in your house or come feed him…and it is ok to go gf and enjoy getting to do this:) And “you know who” will be cared for and will meet you when you come home:)

    • Oh thanks. I know you are right and I DO have all kinds of help here to watch over my beloveds. Just driving out the front gate will be the hardest part but the smile will spread across my face as I push the button that opens the sun roof.

  2. I’m behind in my reading, how long will you be gone? You-know-who is going to miss you like crazy!

  3. sydney mcgee on said:

    SWEET….you are Blazin A Trail Sista!
    SOoooo……”HAPPY TRAILS”!
    ALWAYS remember how much I ADORE YOU!
    And so does Kenzie!

  4. I Love the heart you have for your animals. The hardest part will be the first 30 minutes or so of the drive, then you will relax knowing you have taken care of everything.
    You are going to learn so much, be a blessing to so many and acquire a new perspective on your dream! I am so proud of you!

    • Thank you Lord, I have such awesome help here at the ranch. Wouldn’t think of doing it otherwise. We love to have animals in our lives but they are a HUGE responsibility! Like children almost!

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