When I Ride…

10 Days till Blast Off

The high desert of Utah and Colorado is a sacred healing space for me. I have always been drawn there. The ancient civilizations of Anasazi apparently felt the same way. I will be about twenty minutes from Mesa Verde, Canyon Lands is thirty minutes, Arches National Park is an hour drive, four hours from Canyon de Chelly and four hours from Chaco Canyon. Perfect for a day trip and lots of mountain biking and hiking on my days off.

When my son left on his military deployment, needing some heavy distraction, I headed for the high country. I met my best friend in Colorado and we drove to Lake Powell, across the border in Utah. Camping on the shoreline, every morning I walked away from camp, into the desert and up onto the mounds of sandstone rocks that gave me a high point to view the surrounding area. It was cool in the mornings but the warmth of the previous day was still present in those warm, welcoming boulders and I would lie on my stomach and stay warm as I looked out across the horizon and said prayers for my son. It was moments like those that reminded me how close and available God is in nature. I have had my most spiritual experiences while horseback, walking through or flying high above this natural Earth.

Of course, it could be one of God’s large, beautiful animals, the horse, that would facilitate the  emotional healing that people look for in their lives. He is the ultimate healer and I believe it is scriptural…everything we need to heal is within us.

So it is with a bit of trepidation, I leave my comfort zone and head out…but it is also to country that I have always been in love with, to an animal I have always loved. To learn how to work as an equal partner with the horse, in the healing of  clients as they move through the painful memories of past trauama to a new day, a new perspective on the lessons they have learned while on their path.

10 days till “blast off”

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5 thoughts on “10 Days till Blast Off

  1. Maybe you can fly like the eagle and see and appreciate what they see, our Andean condor and eagle are similar … Mystic.
    Good luck … Thanks for sharing his view. 😉

  2. You. Will. Be. Magnificent.

    Bests to you Lissa,

  3. There is nothing like that place that speaks to the soul and heals us from within. Have a wonderful journey.

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