When I Ride…

Nothing in life is to be feared…

Elbow Bush

I am almost packed. The route has been chosen. Food has been stored and sleeping bag aired out.

All of my responsibilities are covered and I am enjoying the luxury of long walks in the mornings, taking some random photographs with no purpose but to be an observer.


I spend so much time by myself. I ride, I walk, I watch TV, I read…I am looking forward to time with like-minded women. Women who have made it their mission to understand the equine mind and its capabilities.

Reflection of a sunset

One of my goals for this time in the desert, is to be taught. To be open to the teaching and to understand. Is there science behind the emotional healing that takes place when humans interact with horses? There are results…and that is what I am going to learn about. Some have said to stay away from that supernatural stuff. To me, the concept of horses facilitating healing is the most natural thing.

Watching the sunrise

In five days, I will drive my Toyota to the front gate of Buffalo Woman Ranch. I will pick white sage to perfume my room and let the learning begin!

TEXAS PATCHNOSE SNAKE, Salvadora grahamiae lineata


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12 thoughts on “Nothing in life is to be feared…

  1. squidley on said:

    Let THE LEARNING Begin!
    LOVE YOU SOoo MUCH—Safe Travels, Sweet Sister!

  2. Lynne Storm on said:

    All I can say is , your wisdom and beauty will be a blessing to all you encounter, as a student or as a teacher. Have a wonderful meaningful time in the desert my darling. I love you so much , Mothra

  3. Yo sigo tus pasos, una experiencia increíble…, felicitaciones mi amiga…

  4. What an amazing woman you are – I am so blessed to know you and to read about your journeys as you strive to help and heal others through your love of horses. I know you will succeed in all your endeavors. I’ll always be in awe of you, Linda

  5. Travel safe and know your word inspire! Maybe pick up Mumford and Sons new album for the road trip!

  6. Have a wonderful journey! And thank you for sharing these beautiful photos….

  7. Thank you so much! Stay tuned for shots of the Navaho’s homeland. Canyonlands is amazing…

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