When I Ride…

Sierra Blanca in the distance…

A little grainy, but I want to share this photo of Sierra Blanca. It is 93 miles away and at the lower left of the photo. The Apache tribe might have named it something else…it is on the Mescalero reservation, but I know it as the “white mountain”. I used to live below it. It was a great adventure to move to New Mexico, those many years ago. Big dreams, learned a lot. I’ll never forget those cool crisp mornings at the foot of the majestic mountain.

Camped at The Bottomless Lakes State Park outside of Roswell, New Mexico, tonight. It was created by a sinkhole. The underground river, melted away the soft gypsum under the rocks and without its support, the rocks finally gave way and dropped into the river, creating an artesian spring that feeds the now “bottomless” lake.

There is a giant storm coming. I took a lot of photos of the reflections on the still water before the storm. Here is a collection of them.

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4 thoughts on “Sierra Blanca in the distance…

  1. These pictures are simply wonderful ! I especially like the colors, very romantic !

  2. Sometimes the colors and vibe of the place make tranquildad soul find shelter and then you realize that God exists and that made ​​a wonderful work. You just have to see and breathe.
    Pronto estoy cruzando el oceano, hacia el viejo mundo.
    Adiós mi amiga…

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