When I Ride…

Arriving…Buffalo Woman Ranch

Driving the county road into the ranch, my first impression was that it was a private, quiet place. One where people who visit can feel safe and for those looking for one, a sacred space. Much of this property has never been grazed or plowed and so it is as ancient and original as a land can be. Large pinon trees and granite outcroppings, dot the horizon.

A great white Pyrenees dog greeted me as I drove into the front gate. All was quiet and soon I realized I was alone but not lonely. No humans, just horses and dogs.

I walked to the house and the note on the front door explained that they would return soon and for me to make myself at home.

As I unpacked, I looked out the windows toward the barn and most of the horses were standing at the fence watching me walk back and forth, hauling my gear into my new living space.

Were they wondering when they were going to be fed? Who was this strange person   and what was it going to mean to them? I stopped what I was doing and walked over to introduce myself. A lot of the work here concentrates on communication by sending energy. I walked to the fence with my eyes down, signaling no aggression and thought peaceful thoughts, breathing deeply into the white sage that surrounds  the living areas.

Concentrating on no horse in particular, I stopped at the fence and just stood, my arms folded over the top rail. I looked out into the hills and waited. Soon, a sorrel I was to find out later is a mustang, came over and pushed my arms off the fence. Smiling, I put them back and he pushed them off again. Another, smaller horse joined us and stood an arm’s length away. Some walked off, others lingered and still others came close enough to be rubbed.

It is going to be fun to learn about the energy thing, sending energy, breathing…all things I do but am not fully conscious of the impact.

First meeting went well, I think.

View to the West

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10 thoughts on “Arriving…Buffalo Woman Ranch

  1. Definitely good first meeting

  2. Sounds like an interesting first meet and greet. And hey, a girl can never go wrong with a Western View! Right?
    Welcome to the Ranch!

    • This part of CO. has such an interesting history. They farm a lot out here as well and through sheer tenaciousness have battled and cleared enough of our precious sagebrush to grow beans and potatoes out here. Still some gorgeous sagebrush country left though. Do you need a fresh batch?

      • I couldn’t help but notice all the glorious sage in your photo…forgot to mention it! You’re very sweet to ask but the bundle you sent is good. I still can’t believe you “put that in my hands”. Drink in the sights and smells some for me will ya? Keep the pictures coming I just love them!

  3. So glad you made it safe…Sounds like the mustang thinks he should run the place….there’s always one of those in the crowd, which isn’t a problem unless there is 2 in the crowd!

    • Haha! So right you are, girlfriend!You know, I thought I knew a lot about horses and their pecking order but I’m learning the intricacies of that as well. Having a great time.

  4. Idyllic. I suspect you can even see stars in the night sky.

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