When I Ride…

Chickens have feelings too…

As I walk to the chicken coop, the end of the line for my morning chores, the muffled cluck, cluck, cluck of the chickens can be heard through the wooden walls of the small, rustic house inside the wire fence. I am eager to see the little colored jewels that have been laid in the darkness of night.

Mornin’ chickens, I softly call out, not wanting to disturb the quiet peace that surrounds the moment. The clinking sound of me lifting the latch on the gate seems to stir the little feathered bottoms and I can hear them moving around, jumping down from their roosts and scuffling toward the door. Sure enough, when I open the “portal” to their overnight world, they are crowding the doorway to explore the outside on a crisp and sunny day, here in Colorado.

Dipping a plastic scoop into the chicken scratch, I toss the mixture of cracked corn and milo into the yard for their daily meal. As I dump the dirty water from the night before, some of them come over and watch what I’m doing. Maybe they are thirsty after being shut up all night in their safe house. Robbie tells me of a young mountain lion that got quite a few some years ago. Their little roosting house is quite safe.

One of the white ones walks up and squats down in front of me.

How would you like a little stroke, my beauty?I ask her. She sits and waits for me to pet her silky, smooth feathers.

I look inside at the hay filled nests and there they are. Four small eggs. As I reach gently for them, one of the girls walks up and starts talking to me about it. If only I understood chicken speak. I showed the eggs to her and thanked her for each one. She seemed satisfied as she turned around and walked out. She did kind of mumble under her breath though.

Heading toward the little yard gate, they followed me and I have to slip through quickly to keep them from escaping. I know they would love to come out and explore under the plants and nibble the dandelion weeds, so I pick some and toss them over the fence.

I mean, chickens have feelings too.

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8 thoughts on “Chickens have feelings too…

  1. Sydney on said:

    OH LISSA:-)
    What a SWEET SWEET Story to start my Friday! I long to do this very thing….
    my Dream for someday….SOON?! Each day gets a little closer. In the meantime….THANKS for making me feel as if I was right there with you and the GIRLs!
    YES…they DO HAVE Feelings!
    YOU, My Dear Dear Sister…have an INCREDIBLE Gift of the “written gab”…I LOVE YOU.

  2. And they care about how they look, ask my chicken who is molting and doesn’t want to be seen on a bad feather day.

  3. That was lovely. 🙂 I’ve never kept chickens of my own but I’ve looked after a friend’s and there was something really zen about going out early each morning to let them out of the coop and scatter their feed around the yard. I’d say I could watch them all day but I’d probably be too busy cooking up those delicious eggs. ;D

  4. I loved this so much! Your kindness and respect for all living things permeates this post. That black and white speckled one? What a beauty!!

    When I was home at the farm this fall, I very much enjoyed my daily walk to the chicken coop … every day I took them the remnants of what others might have tossed into the trash — celery ends, corn husks, orange peels. They grew to know that I was someone who brought treats and would gather around the gate waiting to see what I’d brought. Funny they were.


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