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Quaking aspens…Telluride, Colorado

The aspen trees are yellow, bright yellow and with the slightest breeze,  quiver like a giant windchime creating a light rustling sound, like small pieces of paper blowing in the wind. It’s called “quaking” and can only be heard at this time of year when the leaves are drying and ready to leave the aspen tree for the forest floor. There, they slowly rot into the earth and create the fertile soil that supports the beautiful Columbine flowers in the spring.

Here are a few shots from my hike yesterday. I am in Telluride for a couple of days away from the ranch. Enjoy.

Telluride is in a box canyon surrounded by the Sneffels Mountains

Aspen bark is perfect for black and white shots

Snow on the higher peaks

therapy is hiking with friends

Apres Vous…

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2 thoughts on “Quaking aspens…Telluride, Colorado

  1. Uh huh. Just when I thought I couldn’t “dislike” you more you do this. 🙂 Gorgeous. Just…ugh….painfully beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. Hahaha! You are too funny. I really am blessed, aren’t I?

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