Need a hug? I’ll bet you do.

How long since you have had a hug. Not the kind where the person stands three feet away, bends at the waist and reaches out with one arm to give you a quick squeeze around the shoulders. Those just make me laugh…what a waste.

I mean a real hug, bodies touch, not in a weird way, but in a way that means…you mean something to me, this is real…

It might be a 30 second hug. Might be longer but what I’m asking is…do you spread the love? It might be a couple of months since I’ve had a real hug. I don’t realise it until I get one and then, I think, WOW! That felt good. Thanks, I needed that. People need touch, they need affection. It keeps our immune systems strong, lifts our spirits…I need hugs and I’ll bet someone you know does too. Who cares if it’s kind of embarrassing? I hug my horse, I stick my nose in his neck and breathe deep. It helps…but we need human touch.

Hug someone today! You might save someone’s life.

4 thoughts on “Need a hug? I’ll bet you do.

  1. The hug is a great thing.
    It’s the perfect way to show our love
    when we do not get the right word.

    It’s wonderful because just a hug given with love,
    feel good about who we give it, regardless of location or language
    it is always understood.
    Lissa I send you a hug from friend…

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