When I Ride…

Who is defining you today?

What do you do when you’re alone? Do you get on the phone and call a friend? Do you watch the television?

Do you put on your walking shoes and explore nature? Do you read a book? Catch up on work? Do the laundry? Meditate? Write? Draw? Take pictures? Get on Facebook? How do you distract yourself from yourself?

I’m just asking…not judging.

One might ask, What am I supposed to do when I’m alone…?

Do you enjoy your own company?

Is your boss defining you today? Your coworkers, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, child, parent…

So when you are not with them, who are you?

Sunrise from the horse pens

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5 thoughts on “Who is defining you today?

  1. I love my time alone … especially outside but 2nd runner up would be in my kitchen, tunes on, creating something wonderful. And I loved your hug post also – so very true.

    Hugs back!

  2. When I am alone: sometimes appreciated looking where nature vibrates. Sometimes in the city drink coffee. At home I listen to music and write, but there are my dogs lying on the ground.
    Interesting your post … 😉

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