When I Ride…

Who’s awesome?

You’re awesome!

One of my close friends sent this puppy to me as the last word of a fairly heated email conversation. He and I are not in total agreement on a subject and that’s okay. You know someone is your friend, a real friend, when you can have intense conversations with them and walk away smiling and still loving each other.

A lot of us were raised to squelch our opinions if they were not the same as our parent’s. I know when my son was little, I would always try to be right because I was hoping I was smarter than a third grader.

In my marriage I have wanted to be right. But I’m learning that to be right…makes the other person wrong…

It also makes me no fun to talk to.

I’m okay if you don’t agree with me. Thank you for your generousity of spirit for having the conversation and treasuring the friendship.

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