When I Ride…

Going where the Westerners go…

So, I thought I would just go for the day and do an easy hike. Up before dawn, I drove a couple of hours and immediately started seeing the scenery change into giant sandstone sculptures, arches, bridges and monoliths. Moab, Utah was my destination.

This is the land of adventure, lots of hiking, base jumping, mountain bike riding…extreme sports enthusiasts everywhere. The waitress at the cafe is a climber. No ropes, she just climbs up a sheer rock face that has a few cracks in it.

This desert country has always attracted the adventurous type. It’s the West. The wild, West. There are conflicting stories of how Moab got its name but it was definitely started by Mormons. Mining towns, salt flats, Pinon, ephedra, rabbit bush…not known for its vegetation, more for its formations.

I camped at the entrance to the Negro Bill Trail. A nice fire and a glass of wine then up in the morning for some more hiking and picture-taking. As always, early morning and almost sunset are the best times to shoot photos because the shadows do such amazing things and if you’re lucky enough to get a drop of rain…the colors are saturated and rich. Of course there are so many places to stay but when I am in a place that slaps you in the face with beauty every time you turn around, I don’t want to miss any of it.

File:Yakima Canutt Stagecoach as Wayne.jpg

The desert is a mystery…and dangerous if you don’t take it seriously…but don’t miss it. Or…you can watch a John Wayne/John Ford movie like, Stagecoach, watch Yakima Canutt jump over the backs of the stage’s horses with Monument Valley in the background… and live vicariously through the TV screen.

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8 thoughts on “Going where the Westerners go…

  1. Moab is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Shots impressive and beautiful. It is always good to read your notes, not a compliment simple and reality than fiction. That is very good.;)

    • Thank you Carlos. I always look for your comments. I smiled the whole time I was in the desert. It is a beautiful place. The only thing I missed were the wild horses I know live there. Maybe next time.

  3. Beautiful, breathtaking photos – you just keep getting better and better! Ditto for your thoughtful prose. The wild horses would have made a perfect ending to another of your experiences.

  4. Amen! It is like a slap in the face (but in a really good way). Well said.

  5. Haha! Just such a great gift to come around yet another corner to find an equally amazing or more gorgeous view than the last. Quite a place!

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