Tolerance and Flexibility…

I was tempted to say, “just forget it“…

Why was it getting so complicated? I’m just trying to pay somebody to do something here at the barn and they said they would, I called them to set the date, they agreed and now the day before…they are backing out.

Stay flexible…

My first reaction, and it was a reaction…no response involved…was to get frustrated, okay…kind of mad.

I started a dialog with myself…why can’t people just do what they say they are going to do? I’m not going to be taken advantage of. He will see that I can stand up for myself…and so on and so on….

Wait a minute!

Wait just one minute there, girly!

What is the main goal here that does not involve your ego?

E.G.O. = edging  GOD  out

I would like to get this work done at the barn. Okay! Then what’s next? Well, I know someone else who can do it but I’ve never used them before…

What if they really need the work? Call and ask?

So I did…

If I didn’t HAVE to have it done on Thursday then he could come on Friday, he said.


Well? I asked myself? What’s important here? Making sure someone knows you won’t be taken advantage of…or getting the job done?

Okay! I said. That would be great.

The result?

He did better work than the other guy. He was really grateful for the work AND we were both blessed.

I love it when I follow my own preaching.

Has being flexible been an asset or a liability for you? Share your story…

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