When I Ride…

It’s a beehive around here…

by Holly Jones

by Holly Jones

Time spent with family and in nature is time well spent. The GRAND boys came up from South Texas and Otis was in heaven. Two boys to run around, chase cats, goats and explore with. He showed them his bones, they played tug-o-war with an old knotted lariat…in his world, there is really nothing better.


Horses were learned about, groomed and ridden.


Onions have been covered with antlers to keep the barn cats out of the nice, soft dirt…


The first set of kale seeds are in the ground.

We have had a quick shower or two and Spring is already in the air. When the temperature gets into the 70’s…activity on the ranch is not unlike a beehive. Constant motion toward a common goal…


Get ready for SPRING!


Indian Blankets and Purple Horsemint in the Texas Hill Country

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5 thoughts on “It’s a beehive around here…

  1. Sydney Mcgee on said:


  2. Wonderful journey through your hive, always nice to appreciate that spring is coming with new breezes caressing your face and heart.

  3. Lynne Storm on said:

    Hi Lissa
    I love the updates and to see the hill country in bloom was awe inspiring. I love you my sister, Molly
    Kiss Otis for me. xoxoxo

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