8 Big Questions…

I get so much out of reading responses to questions on the blogs…

I have 8 questions I collected and would love to know an off the top of your head answer. A little reflection perhaps, but not too much. So many things can be over thought of these days.

If you would like, include an explaination as to why you answered that way…


Question number one…

Finish this statement…        The world needs———————.

Oh, and did I say I was going to get things started? So…I think the world needs more education. Just that one thing would lead to so much peace, love and understanding, tolerance…

How would you fill in the blank?

18 thoughts on “8 Big Questions…

  1. Well…education is a great answer! My observation is that many people groups believe they are educated, like the Taliban for example. In this case and others like it, their education collides with the Christian education about 86% of the American population has received. I would not take kindly to being ‘educated’ that there is no Jesus and doubt they would easily accept the gospel.
    So long answer short. The world needs more Jesus. If that appears intolerant it is. It is a passionate belief that I will not surrender.

  2. For me, I would say honest, patient, tolerance. The kind of tolerance I saw (oddly enough) in my grandparents generation. People would agree to disagree, and yet remain close friends. We don’t have to believe the same things, or if we do, in things with exactly the same trappings, in order to live peacefully together with caring and empathy.

    Someone doesn’t have to believe what I believe to own a big piece of my heart.

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