When I Ride…

Question Two:

2. What is your secret strength?

My answer?    Hmmm….There are some who would disagree, but, who cares?!  Byron Katie says,” What others think of me is none of my business”, so…

I believe I have peace in the midst of chaos.

That is my secret strength. I get scared and then I let it go…

I may get scared again but I don’t close it into my heart. I let it go because I know how to pray and I  know it will pass. It always has and I have a legion of angels to help me make that happen.

Now, tell us…what is your secret strength?

Can I get a witness? Encourage us!

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5 thoughts on “Question Two:

  1. My secret strength would have to be a Strong Will, I have the uncanny ability to pull myself up, with the help of God, my guardian angels, and all my dear friends here on earth.

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