When I Ride…

Getting them slick again…


Riding is always pleasurable but it has begun to be fun again. The winter wind kept me in the house or barn. Even the horses didn’t like seeing me coming on those really tough days, the 30 to 40 mile per hour gust days…the ones that kept me from pulling my horse trailer down the highway, days.


Working in wind is like walking in deep mud. Everything is harder and uses more energy. I take more breaks, the horses spook at nothing (rocks, stumps, birds in the bushes…)…and then, as the day ends and the sun rests lightly on the horizon, the wind lies down and peace prevails.


But it’s dark and cold and I spook at nothing….

Today it got up to 68 degrees F.


A more beautiful Spring day could not be found and the birds were in the barn, dodging barn cats, to pick up the loose hair the horses are finally shedding. I bought a couple of new shedding tools. Thin blades of metal with tiny teeth that grab the loose hair and slip it off the horse where it falls to the ground in clumps, easily retrieved for nesting materials.


Lots of elbow grease and I will have a barn full of slick and shiny equines. But until then…


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2 thoughts on “Getting them slick again…

  1. Everything has flourished in
    these fields, apple,
    wavering blue, yellow weeds,
    between the green grass and poppies live.
    The sky inextinguishable, new air
    each day, the brightness tacit,
    a gift this coming spring.
    Pablo Neruda
    Chilean writer

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