When I Ride…

Am I in my Right Mind?


I got an unexpected phone call the other day that really pushed my buttons. After listening to the voice mail, my heart was racing and I mentally put on my “armor” so I would be ready when I called that person back.

As I was trying to slow my heartbeat and calm myself before dialing the person back…a voice in my head asked…”do you really want to do that”? I really wanted to set that person straight about a few things but I also know that just having that intention was enough reason to set the phone down and not make that call just yet.

The ego that wanted to show that person how wrong they were is not the real me. The real me is willing to be generous and compassionate. What I was preparing to do was neither of those.

I needed to talk to someone so I could hear myself. That seems to give me clarity so I called my husband and asked him about the situation. He listened, was supportive and I hung up with a little time under my belt. I took a step back and waited. My reaction to that phone call didn’t have anything to do with the other person and everything to do with me.

I took the time to respond and then made the call.

When I show up with mental armor on, the other person recognizes that and runs to get theirs. Now we are both ready for a battle.

Horses teach me about people and people teach me about horses. How could this situation translate to my relationship to my horses? Better yet…how could I use this to offer suggestions and observations to my riders?

When a riding session isn’t going the way we want it to and we feel like jerking the horse’s head off or sticking him in the ribs with the spurs…ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I in my right mind, peaceful and generous with my time?
  2. Do I want the energy I’m putting out to the horse to be mirrored back to me?
  3. Should I postpone for a few minutes and come back to it after I settle down?

That settling down, part… how do you calm yourself when you are getting worked up?

Share your tips…

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4 thoughts on “Am I in my Right Mind?

  1. Like you, I’ve learned to take a deep breath … and step away. Usually it’s a work situation that causes me fits … and I have learned to sleep on it and not react straight away.

    Mom said to apply the “6 month rule” — will it matter in 6 months? Will you remember? If not .. the issue isn’t the issue, it’s you.

    🙂 MJ

  2. The pace of the world is moving fast, fast. Just as the photographer who shoots photographs of Australia in the waves, and sometimes we get carried away and so we lose the biggest wave surfing. Hopefully this wave will come and take us very far. A good theme that you’ve linked to count to 10.

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