What a bunch of Bull !!!

Time to move the bulls! Birds and the bees and all that stuff. It’s Springtime, people! May the reproduction begin!

Moving bulls in with the cows is a Spring ritual and this year…a bit more exciting than most. We bought three new, young Brangus bulls from down around Bastrop, Texas. Thank you Steiner Ranch…


Very full of themselves, this is their first year to breed, so nature was giving them a hint of what they were put on the Earth to do but their minds were confused by the appearance of us horseback in their territory.


Leaving the confines and safety of the large, lush green field they have been in for the past month, was not part of their plan. Hiding in the brush seemed like a better idea and it was agreed that although Otis, our Texas Blue Lacy, doesn’t know how to work bulls yet, we wish he had been there if only to confuse the beasts and get the bovines out of their hiding place.


Once we had them out the gate, we moved them in the direction of the cows and I think they started getting the idea because they didn’t once try to turn around.

They seemed pretty content when I left them.


Afterwards, Minnow, Otis and I, took off for another part of the ranch just to relax. We chased a couple of raccoons away from a watering hole and almost lost Otis in an oat field. Do you see him?


After asking my horse to work, I like to just take him for a little down time. Okay…I like a little down time, too. This is  a beautiful time of year to be horseback in Texas. Wildflowers are off to a pretty good start. Still cool enough in the mornings for a long-sleeved shirt. Minnow and I have been competing in the Spring Competitive Trail events, here in Central Texas. It’s easy to practice on a relaxing stroll through the country.


I have a new guy in training, Booty. He is tall, almost 16 hands. Smooth and easy to ride with a great, laid back personality…I’m getting him ready for his first competitive event. He even looks like a cross-country horse. Everything is new to Booty and I think this is my favorite part of the training. Starting a new horse on obstacles. He seems like he likes it, we will see.


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