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Feliz día de las madres

Sunday, the 11th day of May, is the day for mothers.

It’s a funny thing this relationship between mothers and daughters. Such a fine line between being a friend and being a disciplinarian. My mother used to tell me that she was the best friend I would ever have. She was probably telling me that at a moment when I was not liking her very much.

Something else she used to say was… you will understand one day when you are a mother.

Of course my thought then was, I don’t think so.I will never act like you.

I had the full intention of being a much better mother than she was.
Then came the day when I became a mother and the veil was lifted from my eyes and my heart. I felt a love for my son that filled me to the almost bursting point. Could my mother really love me this much? This supernatural and then again… oh, so natural love, a mother has for her child?
It was hard for me to believe that she loved me as much as I loved my son.

I shared her with three other siblings and I was the oldest. Having to set the example didn’t seem fair but life isn’t fair. I think it wasn’t until she became such an involved grandmother to my son, that I started to understand where she was coming from.
I asked her one time if she was ever afraid of not having enough love for all of her children. How do you do it, I asked her?
A mother doesn’t only have a certain amount of love to spread around,she said. The love for your children just keeps expanding, there is an infinite source of it that just keeps appearing and it never ends.


I know now that it must have been pretty tough being my mom. I was stubborn and independent always taking the hardest route and biggest risks in life for some reason. But she hung in there and now her moral support keeps me flying high. I don’t want to do this without her. From hauling me to riding lessons, sewing my gypsy Halloween costumes, helping me finish research papers during elementary school, taking up for me when I got in trouble at school, cooking a ton of chicken pot pies when I came home from the hospital with my baby, accepting my step daughter as her own granddaughter, holding my hand when my son left on deployment, encouraging me and helping me to travel the world, or just listening to me vent while sitting in the kitchen at her house, it only feels natural for me to want to now put her on a pedestal. Thanks for hanging in there, Mom. I’m honored that your tenacity is in my genes. Feliz Dia de Las Madres.


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9 thoughts on “Feliz día de las madres

  1. Molly Burnette on said:

    wow!Lissa! Way to honor the mother. Happy Mother’s Day to you too. I love you sister, Molly

  2. Merry mother’s day a loving pots, I congratulate you on the emotional and truthful relationship between mother and daughter, life always has rewards and this is the time to express, but every day is Mother’s Day today with your story and photos you give more shine.
    A greeting to the two in his day.

  3. sydney mcgee on said:

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ….. I’ve adopted her and Love her TOO!
    Precious Mothra!
    ((( Kisses )))

  4. katherine on said:

    Lissa, so happy to see the pictures of you and your mom.

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