There is wasted time but no wasted moments…

Patiently waiting. One of the lessons I believe is so important for the horses is to learn to stand tied and wait patiently for what ever might be next. As I stood this morning in line at the bank and felt some agitation I asked my self was the agitation the result of feeling like I was wasting time or what was going on in my body ?

Maybe time can be wasted I don’t know. But moments cannot. As I waited I became very present and began to observe what was going on around me. The teller was frantic as she kept looking up at the faces of the people in my line. I heard and felt the air conditioner come on. I smelled the candle burning on the desk nearby. I over heard bits and pieces of a friendly conversation behind me. I took a deep breath and tried to hear my heartbeat in my head. I stood on one leg to see how long I could do that without tipping over. Then it was my turn. I had enjoyed every moment that I waited. No thoughts of impatience, no negative feelings to speak of. Just a smile on my face and wondering about the horses. If I’m observing correctly they aren’t thinking at all as they stand and wait, they are asleep.


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