When I Ride…

Horses: A lifetime study


What haven’t I learned from a horse? When I first sat on a pony at the amusement park, maybe 3 years old, at Barton Springs and South Lamar Streets in Austin, Texas…I learned that although something may be here for our enjoyment, it also had to be treated with kindness. We always brought the Shetland ponies a treat and said thank you when we got off.

When I got stepped on by a horse for the first time, I learned to watch where my body was in space and to create a safe place in their presence. I use that with cars and some people in my life.

When I got bucked off the first time, I learned that everyone has a point at which they won’t stand to be kicked in the ribs any longer and you better watch for the signs or learn a new way to communicate your desires…

I learned about what I was physically able to do as I tried to run and jump up on a horse’s back. I also learned how to let go of the lead rope when things got out of control. You can always catch him again later…that is a life lesson.

I learned to think ahead to possible problems. Being around horses and being responsible for their well-being will teach a person to be a great trouble-shooter…

Horses have to eat everyday…just like humans. I learned how to schedule my time so I always had time to go feed and clean stalls if necessary.

I learned that when life seems like it’s in a downward spiral, hugging a horse’s neck and breathing in its perfume will bring you back into the moment and slow your heart rate.

I learned to take risks, mentally and physically. Accomplishing things while horseback is a wonderful esteem booster.

Horses have also introduced me to people I didn’t ever think I would meet …but we had horses in common.

Horses have made me a better parent and will probably make me an even greater grandparent.

As I age, I learn. I will never stop learning because I will never stop being with horses. In my fifties, I have learned about how they feel energy. My studies in Equine Facilitated Therapy and Healing has opened my eyes to the unseen communication horses have with us. It is a predator and prey relationship that is ancient and in our DNA. I have only seen a glimpse of it. I’m going to need another fifty years to get a working knowledge.

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3 thoughts on “Horses: A lifetime study

  1. Oh but could others learn from this post! Great stuff!

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