When I Ride…

Wondrous Wind…

Preparing for a trip into the heart of the Texas Hill Country, I am in my horse trailer and it is a humid morning with a slight threat of a thunderstorm. I debate with myself over turning on the air conditioner to lighten the heavy weight of the air but the silence is so golden. I hear White Wing dove’s calling back and forth to each other and the sound is like a wind chime hanging in a nearby tree. The windows open completely on my trailer, I can hear something coming through the tree leaves outside. It is like a large animal coming through the grass, the leaves brushing against its legs as it approaches. The sound is familiar and welcome as I realize a stiff wind is approaching. A wind with a sweet smell of rain and I run outside to be the first to greet it. Oh glory, oh glory here it comes! Humidity is swept away and I look for my light fleece to keep me warm in the sudden temperature change. I love the unpredictable nature of Texas weather. Oh, wondrous wind, I cannot see you with my eyes but I can feel you and see the result of your beautiful creation. The tall grass and leaves of the trees moving under your power. The horses bucking in the pens in anticipation of the rain you bring. Thank you, thank you that I am here to witness your glory.



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2 thoughts on “Wondrous Wind…

  1. Lo importe de apreciar lo simple y la maravillosa obra de Dios. Gracias por compartir con nosotros tus instantes llenos de paz.
    Un saludo desde el sur.

  2. Gracias también. Leer sus palabras me da la inspiración y espero poder escribir acerca de su maravilloso país pronto.

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