When I Ride…

Horses: A lifetime study

When I Ride...


What haven’t I learned from a horse? When I first sat on a pony at the amusement park, maybe 3 years old, at Barton Springs and South Lamar Streets in Austin, Texas…I learned that although something may be here for our enjoyment, it also had to be treated with kindness. We always brought the Shetland ponies a treat and said thank you when we got off.

When I got stepped on by a horse for the first time, I learned to watch where my body was in space and to create a safe place in their presence. I use that with cars and some people in my life.

When I got bucked off the first time, I learned that everyone has a point at which they won’t stand to be kicked in the ribs any longer and you better watch for the signs or learn a new way to communicate…

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3 thoughts on “Horses: A lifetime study

  1. Molly Burnette on said:

    horses taught me what a short fuse I had – in other words – they taught me that I needed more patience. They taught me to be a kinder, gentler person with animals and people. They showed me the inappropriate actions of my youth in regards to them. I’m so grateful for my time with horses. Thank you God.

  2. Yes, they will open the conversation about what we need to look at by mirroring us in aspects of their behavior. They are efficient therapy partners…Thanks Molly

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