When I Ride…

Sipping vino during the Vineman…

I love to travel. Seeing new places, I like to observe how other people do things. How they handle day-to-day activities and how is their life different from mine?

I left Texas

IMG_6644and flew to Oakland, California. The California coast greeted me with temperatures much more appealing than the three digit highs I was leaving behind me.


Driving through the countryside, golden, grassy hillsides dotted with oak trees and bright skies filled the landscape, a passing fire truck reminding me that this is wildfire season for the western part of the United States and peaceful scenery can turn into chaos with the toss of a careless cigarette thrown from a car window. Many of the pastures have been plowed along the highway’s edge to create a fire lane in case of just that situation.

IMG_6658As we got into the wine country, Napa to be more specific, the dry pastures gave way to lush, vineyard lined roads. Stopping in Rutherford for a meal at Rutherford Grill, we snacked on grilled artichokes grown fairly locally, paired with an excellent chardonnay from a local winery.


The roads through the wine country were packed with tourists so we turned off to travel a back road to Guerneville, our final destination. The winding road through tall trees and Madrones was not for anyone with a trouble with motion sickness. I white knuckled it till we got to River Road, a straighter drive along the Russian River.

The grove of redwoods trees in Armstrong Forest is a favorite place of mine to visit when I come here. There is a trail behind the small hotel where we stay that leads up into the woods. It is not officially the Armstrong Grove but I will later take a bicycle ride to that special spot and walk the trail as an appetizer.




Trail into the trees

objets d'art

objets d’art


interesting historical Victorian building in St. Helena, California

We are here for the Vineman Triathlon that my husband competes in each year. After his race, I will drive to Auburn and meet up with the endurance horse race team who will be competing in the Tevis, a 100 miles in one day race across the mountains from Tahoe to Auburn. I am part of the “pit crew” and will be taking care of one of the racehorses, an Arabian mare. That team is in transport from Texas to California as I write and they have already had their share of adventure that involved hitting a cow on the highway and totalling their truck. That will be a post for next week though…to be continued….

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2 thoughts on “Sipping vino during the Vineman…

  1. A wonderful place. Lucky for you and your husband both triathlon and the race horses.
    Bon voyage

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