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An eye opening round pen session…and shots from today


My teacher, Robbie Nelson and her partner Cody, are quick to get me started with the herd and a round pen session involving a new client this morning. This type of work with the horses as a herd involves the “herd dynamic’ which is how the horses relate to each other as a community. Horses never lie, so when a human is introduced into the herd and the horses are “reading” the person to decide where they fit into their community, they will mirror back to the person, behavior they perceive, behavior and energy (positive and negative), created by the person and the client will have to respond or react depending on that person’s mindset.

Looking to the west

Looking to the west

That is a very simplistic explanation but I don’t want to just leave you hanging out there in the wind, wondering what kind of work I am studying here. What I learn is how to read people, read the horses and ask the questions of the client that would be most  helpful in bringing clarity to a situation so that they can realize their own answers. This work follows the premise that we all have our own answers to what we should do in our lives and a major reason we can not see those answers is due to distractions of past hurts, trauma, a story about our lives we may have made up and gotten caught in repeating…any number of things that can keep us from having clarity.

erosion after the storm

erosion after the storm

Horses require you to be in the moment and slow down your thinking. When that happens, it can be similar to meditation in that memories and thoughts come to the surface for you to observe. This work is very often used in PTSD and other types of trauma healings.

seed head

seed head

Todays session was informative and involved fear issues at the workplace and in other aspects of the person’s life. Keeping your heart open while creating strong boundaries was the topic that presented itself. Bella and Angel were the primary horses assisting. The morning had been washed clean by a late night thunderstorm that came in from Utah. Lightning and thunder…all very energetic and creative…ending with a rainbow this morning. The rainbow was our sign, it is God’s promise, we are never lost.

So don’t be afraid. What we left behind, leave it back there. Try to do some good. Let’s try to take a step, try to think something good” Wallace Black Elk -Lakota

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8 thoughts on “An eye opening round pen session…and shots from today

  1. Loved this … Keeping your heart open while creating strong boundaries – AMEN!


  2. Molly Burnette on said:

    Beautiful LIssa! Thank you for sharing your experience. Happy Saturday, Love you, Molly

  3. i haven’t read this one, yet, but accidentally closed the last page..i was so excited to see that a horse was given a cast..maybe i’d been miseducated that once a horse breaks a leg, it gets put down…which always aggravated me.

    • No, you’re right. That usually is what happens. This was a case of everything being just right, temperment of the horse, ect. They were able to save him and he has a wonderful life! Happy ending!

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