When I Ride…

Following the Bear…

This morning, I got up early to feed because there is a special schedule this morning. Filling the thermos with coffee and hiking to the rim.


The Delores River isn’t far from here and with the recent rains, we won’t be able to drive all the way in. Cody says when we get to the first mud puddle…stop. She speaks from experience, those roads are not to be traveled when wet. Sticky and soft, they will swallow my Toyota and no one will ever see me again…or I’ll have to walk back to Buffalo Woman Ranch, one or the other.

So, I’m taking a guest of the ranch out to see the drop off down to the river. The rock ledges stick out far enough to sit down and look over the edge. This canyon is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to sharing it with someone who has never seen it.

Sure enough, we reach the first mud puddle, park way over on the side of the road in case someone else wants to keep going and give ‘er a go…then we start walking.

Pretty soon, this is what we see.




Well, maybe that’s the only one…


Okay, wait a minute. Looks like that creature is going the same way we are. Could we be following a bear?


Thankfully, this is all we saw at the end of the road.


That and a lot of these.

Delores River Overlook

Delores River Overlook


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8 thoughts on “Following the Bear…

  1. Wow!! Would that be a black bear or otherwise?


  2. I think a black bear, yes. I was sue listening for any movement in the brush on the walk back. Every little bird or squirrel made me jump. it was comical…

  3. Gorgeous view of the canyon. Most likely you were “following” a black bear. A grizzly hasn’t been sighted in the state since the 1960s.

  4. Mountain Bears, horses, nature, a magical place that you share with us, wonderful experience, thanks for sharing. Good Journey, we accompany you. Si…

  5. How cool is that! Having encountered wolf track when I was alone in the forest last winter I know that feeling – really curious and really excited but really hoping not to meet the owner of those feet!
    Beautiful canyon.

    • Haha! You are so right. I was excited to maybe see the bear but scared to death I might get my wish…well, scared to death is an exaggeration. You know exactly what I mean:-)

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