When I Ride…

Still Learning by Watching…

I was helping the farrier while he trimmed and reset the horses this morning at Buffalo Woman Ranch,

Shawn getting started on Apache

Shawn getting started on Apache

and at lunch, went in to write a quick note to a friend back in Texas.

I thought it could serve as today’s post, since I have photos to go with it. Thought I’d share…

Shawn teaching Issac the basics

Shawn teaching Issac the basics

Afternoon, my friend. Already learned a lot today. Of course, we learn something everyday, right? Just depends on us, how much.

Anyway, the horseshoer came this morning. I really enjoyed watching him work. I’ve never watched this particular guy before and it was a real pleasure to listen to his upbeat attitude about the horses, he talked about what he likes to do in his spare time,( Mountain Bike Racing) and I’ve never seen a farrier that was so careful with his body as he did his work. He is an athlete so I guess that’s why he is very in touch and listens to what his body has to say about what he is doing with it by paying attention to pain and not just muscling through the movements. Horses can really throw you around and pull on you while you are holding up their feet during the shoeing process. He is careful to use his legs, protect his back and not make such radical movements with his upper body in order to get finished faster. Slow is fast in this case. It was all very interesting after watching the farriers where I live, as they have to retire at 55 because the body is just worn out.

Whoa, way more than you wanted to know, probably. Oh well, just touching base and talking about how my day has gone. Talk to you later. Have a good one. Lissa
Issac practicing what he learned

Issac practicing what he learned

Loving the life...

Loving the life…

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8 thoughts on “Still Learning by Watching…

  1. I enjoyed seeing the dogs hanging around … did they go for scraps of hoof like our dogs used to?

    This farrier knows his stuff, working his body so well – smart!

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