When I Ride…

The Horses Make it Clear…

Clouds building...

Clouds building…

As anyone who has been following this blog the last month probably knows, while I am here at Buffalo Woman Ranch, learning Equine Facilitated Healing, learning to help others, I am learning to help myself. A lot of self work happens in order to be clear and able to listen to other people. I can’t hear them when my mind is flooded with its own self talk.

The horses make it clear…

My job is not who I am, my truck and trailer are not who I am, my looks are not who I am, not even my body is who I am…


I am an observer of life.

I am simply on a journey, just trying things out, to see what I like, to see what I don’t… because I can, because it’s temporary, and because all of these experiences are on my journey “home.”

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9 thoughts on “The Horses Make it Clear…

  1. This was a beautiful post…in word and pictue. Your words translated in my head like this;
    I love the life I am living, I am living my purpose and leaving a legacy.

  2. Molly Burnette on said:

    Good job Lissa! I love following you on your journey, I learn so much. xoxoxo

  3. You are right! This is exactly how it is. Horses are magical like that, nothing matters but the present. Thank you for a beautiful post!/Maria


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