When I Ride…

Adiós, Colorado…

Parting is such sweet sorrow


The views, the horses and most of all…the people. I can hardly believe today is the day I pack the car, clean the cabin, say goodbye to the dogs and horses and savor every moment, because tomorrow, I get up from a restful night’s sleep and drive.


Saying goodbye for now is a natural part of life though. It’s a great opportunity, if we choose to see it that way, of growing and coming to terms with the parts of life that aren’t so happy happy, joy joy.IMG_2835

Within a tearful goodbye I can see a glimpse of freedom and fresh opportunities. I see future photographs as I drive through New Mexico and the Shiprock Reservation, Artesia, Pecos, Ft. Stockton and on and on…


I am grateful for the time here at Buffalo Woman Ranch and the work/study program, the dogs barking at coyotes every night, the horse’s whinnies as I walk to the barn to feed, the sound of the squeaky gate alerting me that someone is going into the barn area, Maverick and his silly, yearling hijinks that almost get him into trouble…IMG_7377

Riding with Jess some mornings on her way home from work…


Kicking the ball for Token, the black dog that barks at things no one can see…




The sound of the doves during the day and the crickets at night. Listening to Cody laugh about something and watching her hunched over in the garden digging up potatoes and harvesting all of the sweet produce we eat here at mealtime.


Robbie as she glows without even trying…

Robbie, you, Cody and Jess are my Colorado sisters.


Gosh…I’m going to be so happy to be home in a few days but wow…I’m gonna miss this place.

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11 thoughts on “Adiós, Colorado…

  1. Molly Burnette on said:

    You’re a beautiful woman, Lissa.

  2. What a perfect summer

  3. I’m with Molly, you’re stunning … in the natural way that the rest of us would have to work hours and years to be!

    I think you have found a soul home and I envision you returning there … the quip about Token, the black dog who barks at nothing, made me chuckle.

    Wonderful, dreamy post 🙂

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your time here in Colorado very much.

  5. Yes, I surely did! I love the state, the history and the geology. Win, win!!!

  6. Several good shots here with people captured as they really are.

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