Imagine a Horse…





Sometimes life hands you a big present. For the past three days I have been in Dripping Springs, Texas, attending a trick training class at Red Horse Ranch. Allen Pogue, Sue De Laurentis and Kristi Unsell instructed more than 15 students in the basics of trick training, a discipline not just for performance but also to create a wonderful companion animal that will be fun to be with even after the horse becomes too old to ride. Trick training is a means of increasing the intelligence, adaptability, and desire of the horse to interact with us.
I may not be teaching Minnow to lay down this week but he will learn to smile and retrieve a ball. Best of all this training encourages communication and a desire to interact with me.
A horse that desires my company is like waking up to Christmas morning every day. Icing on the cake will be everything that I learn from him.
I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took during the last few days. In the future, Minnow will be the horse in the picture… Fingers crossed.





6 thoughts on “Imagine a Horse…

  1. My daughters’ horses, they sort of smile when they see the treats bag. One of them is quite interested in technology – Captain Andrew was checking out my laptop bag. Suspect he was really looking for apple slices.

    1. That’s funny. I have a great photo of Minnow checking out my computer when I set it on his feed bucket, opened up. A horse website is using it for their tech announcements. Pretty comical

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