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Getting an Education…

“…we get an education by listening to our horses, and we get an experience when we don’t.” –Mark Rashid

As some of you know, I recently attended a “trick”training workshop at Imagine a Horse, a program located at Red Horse Ranch, outside of Dripping Springs, Texas. Some people asked me why I wanted to teach my horse tricks? Was I going on the road with a bunch of trick horses? Join the circus?

Although both of those are interesting ideas…


I wasn’t really sure why, except I knew I wanted to have better commnuication with my big equine buddies. I viewed the tricks as an opportunity to bond with my horses a bit deeper than I had so far. Minnow and I have been practicing “The Smile” which is him popping his lip up and down, showing his teeth while asking for a treat.

We have started the “Obeisance” which is both front legs extended and his head bowed down between his legs. It looks like yoga for horses and I’m sure feels good to him and is a wonderful stretch.

But the one thing, and probably the easiest and most rewarding so far, was this morning when I walked out to the pasture where Minnow stood with two of his friends, Spur and Emory. I called his name and waved my hand. His head came up and he walked over to me, I guess it was about 50 feet…and nudged me in the stomach.

I know he was asking for a treat but I was so happy he came to his name. I have trained the other horses to do the same and neither of them came. Whether he knows his name or not…this moment felt like he wanted to be with me. Call me silly…if this is the only thing I got out of those four days in the workshop, I’m thrilled. Teaching your horse to do other things besides being ridden means that crippled horses, old broodmares, foals…all kinds of horses can be more involved in a person’s life and it doesn’t have to involve a saddle. That opens up so many possibilities for horse rescue programs! Wouldn’t you be much more interested in adopting a unrideable horse that you could interact with on more than a grooming or watching it out in the pasture, sort of way? I mention the ones that are unrideable because they are the hardest to adopt out. Most people want to be able to ride their horse.


Trick training allows Minnow to learn verbal cues AND sign language. Maybe I can teach him to write my blog posts for me…

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11 thoughts on “Getting an Education…

  1. I do agree with you on these activities opening up a whole new world of use of horses that cannot be ridden for whatever reason. It could possibly also decrease the amount of discarded horses as there are so many people out there who love spending time with horses rather than ride them. Love the photos 🙂

    • You are so right. The foal training at this facility has 10 day old standing on pedestals with their moms while having their feet picked up. A horse that is easier to handle is a horse that is less prone to injury in my opinion…thanks for your comment!

      • Absolutely 🙂 I am a great believer in better communication with horses and people new to the sport/recreation learning about the actual (not humanised) horse behavioural needs.
        That’s certainly another role these horses could have 🙂

  2. Molly Burnette on said:

    Always so enjoyable to read your blog sister. Love it! and I love you. xoxoxo

  3. paulessick on said:

    Reblogged this on My Blog snuppy.

  4. I always enjoy your perspective. It allows your readers to ponder something new or change their belief about something. You have a positive way of sharing your experiences without making readers feel like their being ‘sold’ on an idea. Thank you

    Love your photography!

    • Thanks, you’re right. I’m not here to sell anything, just to ask people to look at something In a way they have never thought to before. There are as many perspectives as there are people in this world…

  5. They know their name, but like to pretend they don’t. 😉
    Hope the smiling lessons continue to go well.

    • I think you’re right, David. Just because they don’t answer… Like our kids, doesn’t mean they didn’t hear and understand. But then I am always learning to be a better parent. Thanks for your comment.

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