When I Ride…

Tracking horses…




When I woke up this morning, in the nose of my horse trailer where I live when I am on the road … I reached for my phone to check the weather app.
A cold front blew through last night here in Dripping Springs, Texas, and I knew the three horses I brought down for lessons would be ready to get out of the pens and have a frisky early morning run through the pasture. I wrapped myself in a big warm coat and walked to the gate, opened it and whoosh… They flew like winged horses into the tall bluestem. The last thing I saw was them kicking and bucking, tails over their backs as they disappeared into the brush.
Knowing I wasn’t going to need them for a couple of hours, I felt safe that they would show back up in plenty of time. After an hour and a half, I wasn’t so confident.
“Let’s go for a walk”I said to Otis as I grabbed my coffee and we walked out of the trailer door. The air was fresh and crisp, A slight breeze just enough to make me zip my coat to my chin. The ground was still soft from a previous rain so I knew I would be able to follow their tracks for a ways at least. Otis ran ahead and if it weren’t for his black tail I would have lost him in the talk grass. ” Minnow”(the name of one of the horses’) I called loudly hoping that would make some kind of difference.
As I followed the tracks in front of me I thought of a quote I read last night about following our hearts desire and that it would lead us on the correct path. Doing the things we love would steer us toward our contribution to the world.
I followed my hearts desire’s hoofprints for as long as I could and then lost them. I went in the direction I thought they might go and Otis was in front of me.”Surely he knows where they are, I will just follow him” I said to myself. He had his nose to the ground and I felt confidant he was headed in the right direction. He began to lead us towards trees, brush and logs. I started to wonder if he and I had the same hearts desire. I looked at the ground and saw his heart’s desire’s hoofprint… it was one of the feral hogs that lived in the area. Lesson : make sure the one you are following wants the same thing that you do.
So I began to look for other signs of my hearts desire. The grass was bent and pushed in a direction running to my right. I followed the bent grass until I could see hoof prints again. As I walked through the pasture I saw many things of beauty along the way. But still not what I was looking for. Finally I returned to the barn having had a lovely walk but felt like I had failed my original mission. “Oh well” I thought to myself. “it is a beautiful morning and I have just seen a grand display of nature in the fall.” I walked back into the trailer to get dressed and ready to go into town for an appointment. When I came back out, the horses were standing in the pen.
You can make up your own lesson…


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2 thoughts on “Tracking horses…

  1. Beautiful story full of scents and colors that nature can offer, the simple few people can appreciate, it’s nice to read your letter and appreciate your photos.

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