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Argentina…Pampas, Patagonia…Just the sound of it…Ahhhh


Ever been on an adventure, that when you returned home and your friends and family asked you,”how was it”?… you just didn’t feel like talking about it yet? Emotion would well up into my throat and I couldn’t bring myself to put sentences together. I came up with some “go to” answers like, “it was amazing”, “it was pretty hard but great”…

I don’t know why. I just couldn’t really talk about it, maybe in part because it WAS just so FREAKING amazing that to try to describe it just took away from it and I wanted to hold onto the after glow for a while.

ARGENTINA! Riding horses through PATAGONIA!   100 miles through the ANDES!

Yeah, but I think I can write about it now. I’m also writing an article for a women’s adventure magazine so I won’t put the whole thing here. I do want to share though, little by little, because I hope it will encourage people to go ahead and do something you have always wanted to do and hopefully you will be as blessed in the experience as I was.

So, I’ll start from the beginning. It’s a funny beginning because it all fell into place, in a synchronatic way, like so many magical things do…


Back in the 1960’s, my grandparents went on a world tour with the Polled Hereford Association. (a breed of cattle), and one of the places they liked the best and brought cool objects back from, was Argentina. Spurs, Bolos, Stirrups…horse culture memorabilia that fascinated me and I always caressed fondly when I went into my grandfather’s office. I thought to myself,”I’m going to go there one day”.

Fast forward to the year 2013 and I’m talking to my daughter…about my desire to go to Argentina. “I’m going with you” she announced. We started making plans to visit Tierra del Fuego.

Then her boyfriend proposed…bless her heart. There will be a next time, we decided.

Fast forward, again. I’m sitting in the Blanco River in Texas, having drinks with a batch of my girlfriends on my birthday. I’m discussing my trip ideas with a new friend, Tina, who came with a very old friend, Charlene. “You should meet her”, Charlene told me over the phone…”She is a horse person like you”. When I told Tina what I was up to, she announced as well, “I’m going with you”

I told her I was going to rough it, camping, hiking, horses, no 4- star hotels. Those are the kind of trips I liked and she assured me she was up for it. That was how she liked to travel too! Okay, I said, and we started planning. However, because we are two horse women, we began to plan a horse themed trip. We started researching estancias…


We kept coming back to Estancia Ranquilco. It is a totally, off the grid, working ranch where guests are involved with everyday chores. Almost, “commune” feeling,  I loved the idea of their volunteer program. People from all over the world have gone there to volunteer and work in exchange for the experience and a safe place to live during their time there. It is a horse culture at the estancia of course, so Tina and I reached out to the person in charge, T.A. Carrithers. We sent in our deposit and the trip began to take shape…

Next post…Our arrival in Buenos Aires….

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7 thoughts on “Argentina…Pampas, Patagonia…Just the sound of it…Ahhhh

  1. A good start to read your blog. I will keep your story and it promises to be something great.

  2. Linda on said:

    I’ve been dying to know about your trip – I am so jealous and in awe of everything you do! You live life to the fullest and never cease to amaze the rest of us mere mortals…

  3. Molly Burnette on said:

    Neat Lissa! Thank you for sharing your trip and its beginnings.

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