When I Ride…

Time for a Major Life Transition…

Be careful what you ask for, I told myself as I packed the boxes full of personal items and tack I had collected over the years.
I came to the ranch I am now leaving…over 18 years ago. I knew I wouldn’t be here forever but I still feel a giant black hole with just a tinge of IMG_3545 silver lining as I look out my bedroom window at a view I will not ever see again.
Change is the only constant.
Tears are part of the birthing process.
Let me confirm that this baby is BIG!
Whenever I loaded my big horse trailer with gear and my lesson horses, I felt the excitement that goes with travel and walks with those who are going home.
I loved waking up to the sights and sounds I recognized from my childhood and early adulthood in the Hill Country, west of Austin. I taught clients there just to come back and feel the familiar.
Last week, I found out that the torch of power has been handed to the younger generation and the facility I have lived on and worked from for 18 years says our season is over. It’s Spring and time to move along…
Among other challenges of just picking up and moving is downsizing from a three bedroom house to a four horse trailer with living quarters.I’m not homeless! Far from it…I have an aluminum home with a two burner stove, a comfortable bed and a bathroom with a shower. Oh, I’m not complaining about my living circumstances. Although I was caught off guard by the announcement that I was leaving…I also know this for sure. My faith has carried me through my toughest moments and this isn’t one of them. Sure, it’s challenging to go through major life changes but the key word is “through”. On the other side of this I will be singing god’s praises that He kicked me out of a situation that wasn’t working anymore but that I was staying in because it felt safe and familiar.
Now is the time to stretch my muscles…in my body and soul…and claim my place in the field of infinite possibilities!
I’ve got my health, my dog my horses and family and friends who are clapping their hands and screaming…”Way to go, Girl! Finally!!!!!”

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8 thoughts on “Time for a Major Life Transition…

  1. Carmen Mattei Greenlee on said:

    You go girl!!!!

  2. Hahaha, thanks Carmen I’m starting to slip into a new routine and it has sooo many possibilities!

  3. Tracy Kelly on said:

    Your future is SO bright, ya gotta wear shades! I look forward to hearing about your next “chapter” like waiting for the next book in a series you love. You are not as close but still close enough for Ragan and I to pester you to ride!

  4. My sympathies. You might enjoy my following posts that helped me through a similar change. (The year was 2002. I’m still flying between California and Hawaii every shoeing cycle, working on horse hooves in both places. And my own herd of horses thriving!) Best to you!


  5. I have total faith in you Lissa! You will turn this into an adventure, I just know it. Please keep us posted on what comes next 🙂 MJ

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