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Downsizing…from 3 Bedroom house to horse trailer

I always knew I could do this. It might take me awhile to go through my “stuff” to choose what to keep and what to hold onto.


How many bowls do I really need? How many sets of sheets? My favorite egg skillet and corkscrew for sure…coffee cup…favorite pillow, check! It’s freeing! Liberating! Scary…faith building…

Truthfully, I’ve been very interested in the “Tiny House Movement”.

For about five years now…I’ve been researching what it would take to live off the grid. Minimal electricity, cooking off of a small tank of propane. I’m hooked up to an RV hookup right now but it wouldn’t be crazy for me to set up water catchment and use a generator or solar and wind.

Well, for now, I am stretching my ‘letting go” muscles. I refuse to put money into a storage building to hold “stuff”

What can you let go of today? Be merciless…it feels good.

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2 thoughts on “Downsizing…from 3 Bedroom house to horse trailer

  1. Lots! I can let go of lots!! Love this post, Lissa. I’m small myself and love small spaces .. as long as I’m the only one in them 🙂 MJ

    • And that actually has been the biggest challenge. Remaining generous while sharing space. Great mounds of choices to make on responding rather than reacting. My husband has been my greatest teacher without even meaning to. This will be one of those life changing events that I come out of so much better than before.


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