When I Ride…

A new rhythm…

And so a new rhythm of my life begins… I am incorporating many of the old ways of being and maneuvering through this world but I have learned things, of course, during this new transition. Tolerance. Tolerance as in just letting it go. When I lived in a bigger house and I became frustrated with something I could walk away to another room or over to the barn. The new me is choosing to not become frustrated.

Part of my work is judging horse shows. To do that, I bring my horse trailer with me and stay in it on site. However, my horse trailer is my home now and not just my little gypsy wagon. The compartment where the horses ride during the trip has turned into my pantry and closet. This weekend I am judging and pulled my home about four hours away. Of course everything had to be secured so as not to fall and shift as I made my way down the road. It also was more convenient to not bring a horse this time since I was not competing. So I still do some of the same things but now in a different way. It actually takes me less time to pack and I am less anxious about forgetting anything because I have it all with me now. I can imagine I might have been frustrated by the change in procedures for going out of town on a job. But I have stretched and grown through this process of downsizing and part of the adventure now is recognizing how I have adjusted and patting myself on the back. One of my coaches asked me, “would it be alright if life was easier”? The answer is yes. 20150417-215456-78896836.jpg

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