Tying up loose ends…

My mom next to the Tana River on a trip with me to Kenya
My mom next to the Tana River on a trip with me to Kenya

Not that they are loose and dangling…unless I’m talking about my heart strings.
Moving myself home after being gone for 19 years, only to unshackle myself of nonessential objects, pack again and head northwest to a spot even farther away from my heart than the last has been like emotional weight lifting.
The saying,”home is where the heart is” is true, I suppose, in that we would all like to feel at home no matter the location.
My mom is in her 70’s and sassy, hard working, brilliant and for lack of a better adjective…all mother. She refers to us kids as her “chicks” so that makes her a mother hen, clucking, scratching the ground for resources, covering us with her wings when the shadow of the hawk flies over the chicken yard. We had a scare a couple of years ago when she had an aortic aneurism and miraculously lived to tell the tale.
Anyone could have had one, they are not associated with age so it really hit me hard that life is precious and not to be wasted, especially that time spent with your mom. Sure, I fall back into old habits of giving her a hard time like I did as a teenager. It’s that old pattern that pops up when triggered…old junk that I haven’t looked at and so continues…
But for the most part, I would like to think I act like an adult in her presence. I am the oldest child. I love my mom.
My right hand man
My right hand man

I will be working in Colorado from May until September.
Equine Assisted...
Equine Assisted…

I’m excited to be learning more about Equine Facilitated Learning and Healing. I will stretch and grow my experiences and knowledge in the field as I practice with new clients, put on Horsemanship Workshops and discover new and better ways to communicate with not only the people I work with but the horses. This is a leap into a new life I have dreamed for myself and it has manifested with determination and staying open to recognizing it no matter how it is presented.
The "Hubs" and me at the coffee shop
” Lissa, you’re dreaming…and you are your dream weaver”
God sometimes has to use a crowbar to get me out of the comfy places.
Minnow helping me with my blog

I’ll miss my husband, my siblings, my dog Otis, horse Minnow, my friends here in Texas…and my mom.

6 thoughts on “Tying up loose ends…

  1. PRESH ~ SO Sweet ~ and I LOVE how you pulled your thoughts together with the lovely pictures.
    Sure am HAPPY for you and your Brave New World. Thanks for making me feel SO Special this week for my 60th Birthday. I am feeling VERY Blessed and LOVED. So glad we are Forever Friends. XOxo, squidley

  2. “Life, what is it but a dream.”
    I wish you much success in your project, it is always good to travel and see new places and people, comfort and daily routine sometimes makes us tarnish that mirror where we can see dreams. Today that mirror is clean and you can travel anywhere you’ve ever dreamed, to help people you need for your knowledge of horses and healing.
    Cruz del Sur

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