When I Ride…

Watching the Colorado Spring while becoming part of the landscape…

straw bale cabin
I’m here. So much has changed since saying “yes” to working at Buffalo Woman Ranch for the summer. Moving, downsizing, helping my horses figure out their giant new pasture back in Texas, doctoring the wounds from putting the mares and geldings together, not on me…them.

Then the final hug and kiss to special girlfriends, husband, family, dog…
My friend Melisa and I poured ourselves out of bed and into the 4-Runner early on an Austin, Texas morning avoiding traffic and set our bearings for Abilene.
Northwest Texas
Ojo Caliente

Then to Clovis, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico for the night, to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado finally resting our heads on the pillows of the cabin near Dove Creek. I look out my bedroom window to the sparkling lights of Monticello, Utah.
Snow, rain and sleet welcomed us in the morning, a lovely treat for my friend and travel partner who has been living in Cambodia the last few years.
Snow on the eagle
Fields across the road are freshly plowed, ready to accept the seeds for this year’s crop, the dark red soil a brilliant contrast to the aquamarine sky.
New horses, some mustangs, have been introduced to the existing herd here at the ranch, with much planning to ease the transition.
Mustangs in the herd

All of the males are gelded; one of the mustangs was a stallion for the first four years of his life in the wild. Adopted by kind and knowledgable humans, he has remained a gentleman, respectful of his new pasture-mates while retaining good boundaries for himself. The horses teach us so much as we watch them integrate.
Delores River
My job for now is to help the team here at Buffalo Woman Ranch, get ready for the youth camps starting in June. Kids from the Shiprock Reservation will come for three weeks for equine experiental learning and healing.
The garden has to be cleaned up and planted…
Firewood from the winter, put away for the fall…
Grass mowed…
sun shadows
The landscape is waking up…

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One thought on “Watching the Colorado Spring while becoming part of the landscape…

  1. Just yesterday I attended a women’s circle event where the facilitator spoke of her BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to run/be part of a women’s circle ranch. Then read your post today naming the ranch you’re working at … Coincidence? I think not.

    ❤ MJ

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