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Backcountry Blaze

I considered writing my own post on this subject…but why reinvent the wheel? This is an excellent article on “what if” and researched well. Our prayers go out to all the horsefolks dealing with fire and horses.

Ryan T. Bell

Fact: a wildfire can out “run” a horse.

Fact: the temperature of a grassfire can be upwards of a thousand degrees.

Fact: smoke inhalation is the greatest threat wildfire poses to equine health.

If these fire facts don’t grab your attention, here’s one that will. 2010 is predicted to be one of the worst fire seasons in recent history. Bizarre weather patterns, drought, and forests ravaged by pine beetle infestation will make Smokey a nervous bear this summer.

I spoke with five experts to learn what steps a horseman should take if a wildfire breaks out while he is  in the backcountry.

Step 1: Size It Up

“Get your wits about you,” says Don Copple, a fire supervisor in southwest Montana. “If you just take off running, you could end up in a dangerous situation.”

When you see or smell smoke, first thing to do is locate the source of…

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2 thoughts on “Backcountry Blaze

  1. coachmkd on said:

    Thank you to all who serve in fire fighter and reserve positions that have been called up.
    May God’s protection go with you.

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