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Limitless Treks

Limitless…a word that conjures the belief that anything is possible, no restrictions. When I think of that word I also think of that saying, “what would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”Pack Strings and Smoke

Well, the countdown has begun. In 50 weeks, I and 5 other horsewomen making up the Limitless Trek group, will unload our gear and horses and begin the 1st segment of The Colorado Trail, a path that stretches from Denver to Durango, through the mountains in Colorado, USA.


Tom on a foggy morning…

Our mission? To promote mustangs and rescue horses as viable mounts and also to encourage women, well…all people…to take steps toward dreams they have for themselves. I am riding two horses that were headed to the auction barn because I had too many horses. I love horses and it happens sometimes. What you love you tend to hold onto. When my husband and I started raising ranch horses…which was what our dream was to do together, we bought a nice buckskin mare out in Utah and raised a stud colt out of another nice King bred mare that we had. Pretty soon, we had too many horses for me to start on my own and sell. My husband got too busy with his job and then the drought hit and we were trying to feed everything instead of what we thought we would be able to graze 3/4ths of the year. People were abandoning their horses on the side of the road so the horse could at least eat. I chose to hang in there and there were some lean times but these two guys are now my chosen mounts for this great adventure. After this 500 mile trek, they will be looking for new homes and will come with lots of experience as seasoned trail horses. They are older than 10, green at this point, but willing… and this week I got one of them out of the pasture to start gentling again. We started Tom when he was three and then let him out with a bunch of other geldings to grow up some more. Same with the buckskin I am riding, Sandy. So, Tom and Sandy are my partners for the next year while I get them used to everything I can think of and build a level of trust that will keep their feet on the ground and me in the saddle just in case…we see a bear! Let me introduce to you, Sandy and Tom.


Sandy up front and personal…

They are half brothers out of the same mare, Nu Carmal Dawn. I hope you will enjoy following their preparations for 500 miles down the mountain trail through Colorado.

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2 thoughts on “Limitless Treks

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim on said:

    Wow that would be cool to see in person 🙂

  2. Andi Hostenske on said:

    Good luck on your journey Lissa. If anybody can do it, you can. Love you bunches!

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