When I Ride…

No Hooves, No Horse…

So one of the major challenges of getting a horse ready for a monumental ride like 500 miles through the Colorado mountains, is to make sure he will be sound along the trail. It’s quite a thing… Soundness in horses. It can change so quickly. Tom has had issues with his front feet before. White Line disease is a separation of the hoof wall from the inside of the hoof. Read about it here. A couple of different farriers and their remedies along with consistent soaking of his feet in copper sulfate looks like through the years we have gotten rid of it and his hoof has grown out to new healthy hoof material. Now I am noticing what could be a dropped sole. My new Farrier, Joe, isn’t sure if that is really what’s happening or if it is a false sole, one that has not sloughed off naturally like the others. Tom’s foot has grown in a manner that makes it a bit lopsided as you can see in this picture looking at it from the bottom.

He seems to be traveling sound, which is my goal, so for now we will let things be and see how getting him legged up affects his feet. I would love to hear about your experience with feet and any kind of a hoof issues your horses have had and how you dealt with them.

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