Living simply

Learning to be a horsewoman has also taught me the beauty of keeping it simple.

“In the past, the poverty they shared had a certain sweetness about it. When the end of the day came and they would eat their dinner in silence with the oil lamp between them, there was a secret joy in such simplicity, such retrenchment.”- Albert Camus

I have lived in my horse trailer now for a while… there is almost enough room for two people to be in here at the same time. I live mostly by myself but when my husband is here he cooks outside. This sink I clean the dishes in is the size of a large salad bowl.The queen size bed in the nose of the trailer is comfortable and a cool breeze blows from window to window this morning. I will heat the water for my coffee on a two burner stove top and listen to the birds as the sun comes up.

As I live like this, I notice nature in a way I never did before. It’s around me,  it is not blocked off by the solid walls of a conventional home. I hear birds, I hear the horses, I hear my dog move in his bed. My senses are heightened and I noticed the smallest lizard as it sits in a shaft of sunlight near the trailer steps.

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