When I Ride…

Four Extreme Mustangs…

I’m on the toll road between Austin and Georgetown, here in Texas.

My good friend and team mate for Limitless…Tina Hutcherson, has asked me to go to her ranch, jump in her truck that pulls her four horse trailer, and meet her outside of Georgetown. Why? Because she just bought four of the best mustangs at The Extreme Mustang Makeover in Ft. Worth, Texas and they need a ride to their new home!

I’m shocked! She went to get one. One!! Did you read that? One.

She and her husband had done extensive research…trying to make a short list…for the after competition auction, because we have this amazing trip through the mountains of Colorado coming up next year, July 1, 2017.

Anyway, she was planning on buying/adopting, “one”. I got a call… She has four! I think our team is complete!

So, I meet her at one trainer’s home , Katie Ketterhagen, picked up Maverick, trained by Wylene Davis…and Sweet as Maple, trained by Georgia Bates.

Katie points us in the direction of Byron Hogan’s place a few miles down the road and we pick up the other two, Lil’ Bandit, trained by Eli Slabaugh and  Geronimo, trained by Sam Wilson out of Colorado. Byron is the head dude for the Mustang Heritage Foundation.
A competitor and mustang advocate, it was a pleasure and honor to meet him. The horses in the Extreme Mustang Makeover are gathered from around the Southwest, placed with trainers who have signed up and then worked with for 100 days, brought back to Ft. Worth, shown at the Will Roger’s Coliseum and then adopted out to new, excited and loving homes.

We are promoting mustangs and rescue horses on this ride. They can be so amazing and such great companions…

This is the beginning of your chance to follow them in their journey from the wild country they were gathered from…to their new purpose and home…carrying Tina and team members 500 miles along the Colorado Trail. Denver to Durango, no small feat but they have all the heart it takes. Don’t miss a minute. We hope to capture the adventure on film. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!?

Wild to Mild…

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One thought on “Four Extreme Mustangs…

  1. epicequine01 on said:

    Absolutely love the story!

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