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Goodbye summer, hate to see you go. I wasn’t ready for autumns winds to blow – India Airie

The grasses are blooming and nature in her divine intelligence is preparing seed. Seed for animals, seed for new grass in the spring… This time of year tugs at my heart strings. This KR Bluestem is one of the first grasses I learned. My grandfather, A cattleman from back in the day, taught it to me because it is predominate on our family ranch and it has an interesting history. It is not a native grass. It was introduced by the King Ranch in the 50s as a possible grazing grass. It turned out though they don’t really like it that much, must not be that palatable. But it does have an amazing root system that the Corps of Engineers decided to use for erosion control. So as a result it is everywhere and takes up a lot of our native grass stands. Thankfully, The little blue stem, side outs gramma, blue gramma and other assorted natives are strong and hold their own. You don’t think that grass would bloom but it is so beautiful. Look at each of the little flowers. Next time you see a big stand of grass and think about all the pollen, wipe your nose and smile. It’s a beautiful world out there.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Your blogs are always educational and inspirational to me XO

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