When I Ride…

Dad gum it, I have all these drafts…

When you are a writer, you write. Not having wi-fi at the trailer is a total bummer and makes it a challenge to publish. I have the WordPress app on my phone but stumbling around at night using the iPhone as a flashlight has its downside. A cracked screen was the result and then I didn’t even find the source of the strange noise coming from under the nose of my gooseneck. Well, here I am. I have written everyday for years. It’s an addiction. I take photos everyday and write everyday. Now I’m starting to meditate everyday which has really opened up my creative juices but I had to cut that down to 10 minutes. I have so much to create! So…here is a draft from about a month ago…


Two of the boys

One of the biggest challenges to get ready for 500 miles across Colorado has been exposing the mustangs to everything we can possibly imagine. Tina moved five of them to Thorndale, a small town in north central Texas. The reason…more property and way more things to look at. She has llamas, feral hogs, mini donkeys, kids on 4-wheelers, tractors clearing brush, elk…you get the picture. But with my part time job being about 2 hours away, it’s been difficult to join her as much as I would like. Something we have learned about these guys…if you don’t ride them a few days in a row, they don’t enjoy you as much when you get back on. Weather this time of year plays a part, as well as having too many irons in the fire which is a habit of mine. But Tina has done an amazing job keeping them legged up, putting a better handle on them and I can see their hindquarters are starting to fill out, they are getting stronger and more confident with each ride.

Speaking of too many irons in the fire…I need to build a place to live. At first I thought a small cabin, now I’m at “tiny home on a trailer”. I live by myself, I travel A LOT and I want to be next to the horses when I’m on the property. I might even need to change location a bit so…

I found this online


and this…


TexZen Tiny homes

Now to find a builder. I know I said I need to build something but I’m willing to pay someone who already knows how. I’m a horsewoman not a carpenter although my electric drill and circular saw are two of my best friends.

Also: clearing cedar or some call it mountain juniper, with my trusty chainsaw.


Clearing the water hungry cedars from under a live oak

and finishing up the application for wildlife exemption which includes predator control…


Feral hog

I know, feral hog mouths are gross. But while this photo is awful this one makes me smile…


The Blanco River at sunset. My happy place.





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2 thoughts on “Dad gum it, I have all these drafts…

  1. Hi Lissa,

    I was wondering what you were doing. The last time I read, you were recounting your adventures in South America and now planning a ride through the Colorado Rockies this coming summer. You are certainly a busy one. I used to have a bunch of drafts, but I whittled them to around 6 or 7 at present (from a high of 27). Most had working titles, but no text or even ideas.

    Have a good ride through our mountains here in Colorado. There is lots to see, and best seen mounted on a horse. Safe travels, David

    • I look forward to reading what you have written. Thanks for dropping by and checking in on me! I hope you will keep up with what we’re up to starting July 1 on the trail.

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