Training the packhorses…

OK, here we go! This will be the first post of many about my first time to do so many things. This blog is from my perspective of course but I will also be including things that happened to all of us on the trip. Here I am in the prime of my life, LOL… 58 and turning 59 in May. We get on the trail head outside of Denver, July 1. I get a little teary-eyed just thinking of the undertaking here. I must be a tad bit insane to think I am going to just go to Colorado, travel almost 500 miles through the mountains horseback, with four 20-year-olds, and then breeze through the rest of my life. Of course nobody breezes through anything. So let me be vulnerable and honest, I’m scared. It’s OK to be scared though. It reminds me I’m alive and still trying to do cool stuff, exciting stuff, hard stuff… I like seeing what I’m made of. Enough of me, these horses have been phenomenal. I think we have our final string now. It started off with a bunch of mustangs. We are now down to two mustangs,  a paint horse and an Arab or 2 plus a Quarter horse and a back up Quarterhorse.  The Painthorse in this photo is a rescue who is good to go and will be Annie’s mount, the buckskin is Samuel. I raised him from a baby and sold him recently to a client who has let us borrow him as our new packhorse. It’s all good, we are exactly where we need to be and the timing is perfect. Have you ever tried something you were scared to do, thought you were crazy but did it anyway? I’d love to hear about it, inspire us!

2 thoughts on “Training the packhorses…

  1. Well sadly if I told my story it would be about starting my own business many years ago which is not near as interesting or fun….so I won’t. I am amazed and highly impressed that my middle aged friend is off to accomplish this journey soon. I would be scared too.. my ass hurts thinking of it! Horses are such incredible creatures and I trust that they will carry you and care for you as you do for them. Happy trails👏👏

    1. Thank Charlene, if I didn’t have the support of friends and family like you this would be a whole different deal. I feel brave with all of the encouragement!

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