Unpredictable weather at altitude

The mild cold front that came sweeping down from the northern part of the continent dropped snow yesterday on the mountains that I will be riding the mustang through in six weeks. 

I’ve been reading on the Colorado Trail Facebook page, how hikers have been wearing T-shirts during the day and then snuggling into hoodies and down jackets at night after the daily mountain thunderstorm. The unpredictable nature of the country I will be in is starting to become real. While visiting on the phone with a woman in Franktown, Colorado, about a place to stay with the horses for a few days before we go to trailhead, she talked about how the rains in the afternoon might bring hail but it would be small. Maybe just sleet, she said. While I mull all of this information over in my mind, I’m laughing at myself how I can get myself worked up. It’s going to be what it is going to be… All I can do is be as prepared as possible and then accept the adventure as it presents itself. My birthday is in a couple of days and I am blessed by friends and family members wanting to help me with the expenses of the trip by buying me essential items. My mother is gifting me with my first riding helmet. I have always had lightweight plastic helmets available for students if they wanted them during a riding lesson but I don’t wear them myself. Coming from the cowboy background it just hasn’t been a thing I was interested in. It feels a little irresponsible not to wear one in the mountains… On this trip with its high elevations and unpredictable nature. So I’m going to have a nice helmet that I may come to enjoy. We will see.

 The little Mustang is completely slicked off now. He came to me as Fireball but in my mind and daily activities he has become “Mesteño” It’s a Spanish name given to the wild, untamed horses of the plains but this guy has become my new buddy. He is brave and strong and will go anywhere I point him. I gave him a massage yesterday not only for his comfort but for our bonding. We will be a good team. 

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