First leg of the trip…

Looking across West Texas

Headed north! The Mesquite is blooming. It’s long yellow tassels heavy with pollen, release a slight hint of sweet aroma wafting in through my truck windows as I speed through West Texas pulling three of the trip’s horses, Fireball, Samuel and Zeus. Lone Star Radio is playing the country music that makes you think about old loves. A random jack rabbit scoots to cross the road in front of me and scissor tail flycatchers chase each other along the fences that line the highway. I have passed wonderful names of towns like Paint Rock, Eden and Happy, Texas. Looking across the horizon the little girl in me says “this has just gotta be Comanche country” 

Fireball in his stall for the night

I think about my favorite book in elementary school written by Mari Sandoz called The Horse Catcher. It fed and nurtured my imagination to think this is where the story could have taken place. Prairie dogs wave as I pass them further feeding my imagination

Bonus! A corgi is waiting for me at the trailer when I get back from feeding the horses

. I’m on an adventure and it keeps me young. Spending the night at a horse hotel in Pampa, Texas and on to Denver in the morning.

4 thoughts on “First leg of the trip…

  1. Not only are you a horsewoman extraordinaire but an eloquent and articulate writer! Writing a book needs to be added to your list of accomplishments, but first the CT ..
    Can’t wait to read your reports from the trail. As Dale Evans sang, “Happy Trails to You” .
    Godspeed Lissa

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