It feels like a thank U…

During my morning coffee this Sunday, I suddenly became overwhelmed by emotion… I was trying to figure out where it was coming from as I was feeling this giant bubble of something rising up from my bellybutton into my throat. 

Tears began to fill my eyes and suddenly I realized I was simply feeling grateful. Not for having survived anything or for my abundance or the love of family and friends… 

I was feeling it for the simple moment that I was experiencing. 

From the perspective of my little porch in front of my little house I realized how wonderful and grateful I was for the little things. I believe it is the little things I do every day, the way I make coffee in the morning, cooking a small meal to share with my son, gathering the laundry to do every Sunday, the fact that I have a vehicle to drive to the laundromat or wherever I do my laundry that day… 

Gardening, my dog, those things that I could easily take for granted. They became very bright and very clear. Don’t miss it.

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