Tiny home in a cold front

It startled me, the hard breeze that came through the window screen next to my bed. I thought someone had slapped me on the back and then realized as I began to come awake the first real cold front of the year was upon us. This is the first one to experience in my tiny home, the cute little house on wheels that arrived on my property the end of June. She rocked a little in the first assault of hurricane Harvey. As I write, big drops of rain are slamming down on the tin roof above me. At first I thought they might be acorns from a nearby Oak tree but as they grow in number I realize we will be blessed with a nice rain as well. And there is the first flash of lightning… as the temperature begins to drop, the wood and metal tiny home contracts and makes new noises.

 I will become familiar with them in the future but this is my first time and it’s exciting. It’s still dark outside but I think I’ll get up and heat water for coffee. This is an occasion and deserves a warm mug to enjoy it by. My tiny home kitchen is just a 6 x 6‘ corner but has everything I need. A small refrigerator maybe 5 feet tall with freezer, my generous kitchen sink, a lovely window above it to look out into the pasture and the nearby caliche hills, the corner that holds my coffee, tea and all of its accessories, and a four burner propane stove top and oven which is my luxury. When I lived in my horse trailer I had a two burner stove but now the oven has opened up a whole culinary world for me to experiment with. As the water begins to boil, I scramble up the stairs to my bed to make sure rain is not coming in the window on the east side. 

The rain and wind is coming from the northwest, I can tell by which windows are being hit the hardest. When I get up to my bed I lie there and look out. This kind of weather reminds me of how small I am. One day this will be continuing on but I will be gone back to where we come from… Hopefully watching my son and granddaughter from the other side of the veil. As a small child my girlfriend across the street and I used to run up and down the neighborhood neighing like wild horses. Thunderstorms like this would throw us into a frenzy. I smile and chuckle to myself as I remember.

6 thoughts on “Tiny home in a cold front

  1. Wow, so good to hear from you and how you are doing. I too, felt the change in weather but I am not in a tiny house. Sounds like you are enjoying every minute. I was at Lake Whitney on a ride one year; we had tornado warnings; I was camping in my two horse w/dressing area finished, but, I was still frightened by the rain on the roof and the wind. Do you ever feel loneliness? Do you miss your family? Do you miss your husband? My husband and I made a trip to Austin yesterday to visit Bluebonnet Horse Rescue event. I looked for you there, hoping you would come; looks like you had an open house of your own at work. I enjoyed the Training Challenge with the trainers. They had done an amazing job rehibilatating those horses. Before leaving, we walked around and I saw 14 horses were adopted! And, I was looking at a couple pretty hard; but, they went pretty fast. Hope you are having a restful Sunday, my friend.

    1. All really good questions… But no. I don’t miss anyone, I talk to them on a regular basis and I enjoy my own company so much that I don’t feel lonely. I think if I ever did, it wouldn’t last long because I am so close to nature here. It looks like the Bluebonnet event was very successful! I’m glad you got to go.

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